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Dr. Tomoki
Doctor Tomoki Page
Name(s) Japan Dr. トモウキ (Dr. Tomouki)
America Dr. Tomoki
Europe Dr. Tomuki
Gender Male
Allies Professor, Aki, Kei, Yumi, I-Borg #1182, Specter (Formerly)
Enemies Specter (Currently)
Family Unknown
Height 6' 3" (Including hair)
Weight 145 lb. (Also including hair)
Age 28
Likes The color turquoise, showing off his intelligence, being rich and perfect, using words like "exquisite" and "luxury".
Dislikes Being laughed at for having a Pipo Helmet stuck to his head
Appears in Ape Escape 3
Voice actor(s) Japan Keiji Fujiwara
America Nolan North
Langfr-225px-Flag of the United Kingdom svg Keith Wickham
Langfr-225px-Flag of France svg Patrick Borg
Spain Lorenzo Beteta

Dr. Tomoki, also known as Dr. Tomuki in the European release and Dr. トモウキ in Japan, is a scientist and Specter's partner in crime. He serves as the secondary antagonist for the majority of Ape Escape 3 until later where he turns into an ally.


He is a very tall and slender man with a golden blonde afro wig, which conceals a prototype Peak Point Helmet stuck to his head. He wears a purple face mask, a white coat and white disco pants, both accented with purple spades, purple shoes with heels, black gloves, and a metal purple collar and backpack of unknown purpose bearing a yellow windup key on his left side, similar to the Teleborgs he designed.


Dr. Tomoki has a very large ego. He is seen as weird by some people, most noticeably Specter, for his extra flair and dramatics. He is also shown to be very kind, an example being risking his life for Kei and Yumi and held onto an I-Borg from SARU-003's self destruction all the way to Earth.


Prototype Peak Point Helmet[]

Tomoki, along with the Professor and Aki, were lab partners for the Monkey Helmet Research Team a long time ago. During a freak accident, Tomoki got a prototype Peak Point Helmet stuck to his head. He disappeared following the incident and was forced to adjust to his life with the helmet.

Ape Escape 3[]

Dr. Tomoki resurfaced after his disappearance, working with Specter as a form of an alliance. His goal is to destroy the humans for "mocking him". He and Specter make a call to Kei, Yumi and Aki, revealing that they are the ones who created the hypnotic airwaves. Aki recognizes him, which causes him to startle back, which Specter notes. Tomoki quickly recovers from his shock. When Kei and Yumi reach him in Tomoki City, they battle him. He is defeated and falls to his knees causing his afro to fall off, revealing the Pipo Helmet on his head, shocking the twins.

It is revealed that Dr. Tomoki was the test subject for wearing the Peak Point Helmet in a science experiment while working with the Professor and Aki. Due to an explosion in the lab, Tomoki was stuck wearing the Pipo Helmet. He kept his helmet from being revealed by covering it with a giant yellow afro wig.

As Specter watched the fight through a monitor, he found out this secret and ridiculed Tomoki for it, while the twin protagonists stood up for him. As a result, Tomoki switched his alliance to Kei and Yumi, helping them fly to Specter's base of operations in space. He was seen again on the Space Station promising to stop Specter's plan, assuring the twins that he would see them again. As soon as Kei and Yumi left, he lamented quietly that the only way to stop everything is to blow up the space station. With one of his I-Borgs staying by him, he activated the self-destruction. Kei and Yumi witnessed the explosion, unable to do anything to save him.

In the end credits, it is revealed he did indeed survive the explosion with his I-Borg, as he met with Kei, Yumi and Aki outside the TV Station. They took a commemorative photo with him later on.



  • His special attack is "LUXURY BEAM!!!", in which he sweeps a large rotating laser across the battlefield. In the UK version, he says "BEAM-O-MAGNIFICO!"
  • In Ape Escape 3, there is a suggestion that Aki and Dr. Tomoki had a once close relationship long ago aside from being lab assistants for the Professor.
  • In the US dub of Ape Escape 3, Dr. Tomoki is voiced by Nolan North, who would later voice Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.
  • It is unknown how Dr. Tomoki survived the explosion of Space Station SARU-003.
  • The I-Borg that stayed with Dr. Tomoki was Number 1182.
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