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Dark Jake PFP New

Dark Jake as he appears in Million Monkeys.

Dark Jake Customization Menu

Dark Jake on the customization screen in Million Monkeys

Dark Jake, known in Japan as Dark Hiroki (ダークヒロキ) is an evil version of Jake when he is controlled by the power of the disk. He is voiced by Derek Stephen Prince in Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed.


Dark Jake P&P Cutscene Pic

Dark Jake in a Cutscene from Pumped & Primed

His appearance is similar to Jake, but is almost completely black with blue markings on him.


Dark Jake is much more crueler than Jake when under the control of Specter.


Dark Jake's Defeat in Pumped & Primed

Dark Jake's Defeat in Pumped & Primed

Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed[]

The Birth of Dark Jake[]

Dark Jake was created after the Mystery Man captured Jake and exposed him to the power of the disk. Spike and co. defeated him, turning him back to normal.

Dark Jake P&P Special Pic

Dark Jake using his special during his boss fight in Pumped and Primed

Dark Jake Victory Million Monkeys

Dark Jake's victory screen from Million Monkeys

If you collect all the presents for one character, he becomes playable in VS mode only. He has stronger attack power than all the other characters, and like his normal form, he has a cloned moveset to Spike.

Ape Escape: Million Monkeys[]

Hi-Tech Tournament[]

Somehow, Dark Jake appears in Million Monkeys in the Hi-Tech Tournament, despite being the same person as Jake.

Dark Jake P&P Boss Fight Pic

Dark Jake's Boss Fight in Pumped & Primed


  • In Pumped & Primed, he is also called Black Jake (Black Hiroki (ブラックヒロキ) in Japan).
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