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Blue Monkey Battle! (Ape Escape 2)
Game Ape Escape 2 USA
Previous level Viva Apespania!
Next Level Castle Frightmare!
Monkeys Ape Escape 2 Blue Monkey Icon

Blue Monkey Battle! is the 5th level in Ape Escape 2 and the 1st boss battle.


Jimmy & Pipotchi teleport into the stage, which is a square arrangement of cobblestone roads and traffic lights. Jimmy is quickly introduced to Blue Monkey, a tall monkey on a motorized unicycle, who has orders from Specter to take him out.

AE2 Panorama Blue Monkey Battle

A 360-degree panoramic view of Blue Monkey Battle, as seen from the window of the Travel Station.


The arena is located somewhere in a mountainous valley, suspended by marble pillars high above an expansive fog bank. At the top of each pillar are 5 smaller, banana-shaped supports in a yellowish-green color, and circular cobblestone platforms sit on top of them, linked by bridges.

The bridges between each platform are divided into 10 sections. As the traffic lights change color, so do the lights on each section. Yellow lights last for 2 seconds, and red lights last for 5 seconds.


Running in Circles: Blue's primary attack is a glowing ring of blue energy used as a shield to charge into Jimmy, much like the Super Hoop that Jimmy acquired in the last level. This attack deals one Cookie's worth of damage. The ring shatters like glass after a single hit from any gadget, leaving Blue stunned and vulnerable for 3 seconds.

Bombastic: After taking damage, Blue will retreat and toss bombs over his shoulder to prevent Jimmy from following him. Each bomb deals half a Cookie's worth of damage and can bounce the player backwards if they run into one with the Super Hoop.

Blue means Go: The traffic lights around the arena periodically change from blue to yellow to red, with red serving as a warning that sections of the bridge will fall if you try to cross. Blue Monkey will try to obey the lights by stopping on a yellow or red light. Although he can be forced onto a red bridge, he will speed through it or nimbly jump across without falling. If the player falls, they lose one Cookie.

Headstrong: When Blue Monkey takes damage, there's a period of about 9 seconds where he flickers and becomes temporarily invulnerable. This can lead to the rare occasion where if the player is following him closely, he will charge and nothing can break his shield because he's still flickering. Blue Monkey does not need to be stunned to be vulnerable. Any time that he's not flickering is the time to strike. This includes when he's dropping bombs or taunting.

You punk!: If the player is low on health, there's a chance that one or more Cookies will appear in the center of the platforms. The exact conditions for this to happen is currently unknown.

Well, you're definitely not a coward: Blue Monkey can be dodged with a double jump or Rush Attack (R1Icon + R2Icon). He can even be completely avoided by standing on the cobblestone ledge around each platform. However you can still take damage if you're not far out enough.

Go home to your mama: The battle will end once the player has successfully dealt:

Damage Amount Gadget
5 strikes Stun Club
7 strikes Super Hoop
10 shots Slingback Shooter (normal)
4 shots Slingback Shooter (explosive)
7 shots Slingback Shooter (guided)
5 strikes RC Car (break shield and car explodes)
7 strikes RC Car (break shield with different
gadget, then use car, doesn't explode)
7 strikes Sky Flyer
7 strikes Bananarang
3 strikes Magic Punch

Time Trial[]

  • Bronze - 01' 40" 00
  • Silver - 01' 25" 00
  • Gold - 01' 10" 00



  • Blue Monkey's helmet light changes from blue to yellow to red as the fight progresses. If his light is red it means he's nearly defeated.
  • Blue Monkey will react to the scent of the Bananarang. He jumps on it and hangs on for dear life like a normal monkey. He learns his lesson, though, so this only works once per battle.
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