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Banana Heartbreak (バナナハートブレイク), is a vocal song in Ape Escape 3 that plays during the fight with Monkey Pink.


North American English version

I'll always feel it, this bond we share
You'll always love it, this present from my heart
But it's a secret, wait for it
I'll always feel it, this bond, this bond that we share!

But, why are you trembling? You can tell me all your troubles!

The suit I knitted for you
And put in your mailbox
With a love letter
Should fit you perfectly, yeah
I hear you, secretly bury, the special banana lunches
That I make for you everyday
Oh say, say it's not true!

I still believe that we have
A special bond of love
But I see your back is trembling
Through that knitted suit you're wearing
I still believe that we have,
A special, a special bond of love

So just what's wrong with me?!

You jerk, (you jerk) you don't know what you got here!
You scum, (you scum) look how much I do for you!
You fool, (you fool) I’ll shake that stupid look off your face!
You get it?!
It's time to make up your mind!

Don't you see I love you?
Don't you see I love you?
I can't spend the rest of my life
I can't spend the rest of my life crying
So I'll spend the rest of my life
So I'll spend my entire life chasing you!

Here I come!

European English version

Oh every day I always feel love for you
These little signs that I can see make you so right for me
The secret gift that you will love, my monkey
A little thing sent from my heart. Oh yes it's fate! Don't walk away!

Oh, why are you trembling so?
Oh come on, what's wrong?

Uh hoh, I gave it to the postman
A letter inside as well
Yellow, and knitted suit
Will fit you ever so well
Everyday, banana packed lunch
Freshly made, delivered to you
"Secretly, he buried the lunch"
Rumor says, please say it's not true

Oh every day I always feel love for you
These little things, that we do do, make us our destiny
My secret gift, you're trembling now, my monkey
The suit's too loose, have you lost weight? Come back, wait! Don't run away!

What more could I have done for you?
You! You're as blind as a bat!
Me! I gave you my own!
Yes! My teeth grind with rage!
Gorilla! Now I have nothing!

I love you
Completely you, you
You turned your...
I won’t cry over those who wronged me
I know better than to live in the past
Once it's over I'll have a big laugh

That'll chase you right down to the depths of HELL!

European French version
(French lyrics not yet added)

European German version
(German lyrics not yet added)

European Italian version
(Italian lyrics not yet added)

European Spanish version
(Spanish lyrics not yet added)

Japanese version
(Japanese lyrics not yet added)


  • This song and Happy Sensation are the only vocal songs in Ape Escape 3.
  • During the fight with Monkey Pink, this song plays in tune with the gameplay. If the game is paused, or during the middle of a Transformation, the music stops.
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