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Apeshima Taro is the fifth Monkey Fable in Ape Escape 2[1][2].


Part 1[]

A long, long time ago, there lived a young monkey named Apeshima Taro. An eccentric young primate, he spent most of his time diligently fishing, despite the fact that he hadn't the slightest taste for fish. One day, Apeshima was walking along the beach, when he spotted some young rascals tormenting a sea turtle.

Part 2[]

Apeshima was usually not one for getting involved, but he simply could not pass up a chance to snatch the luscious looking banana the rascals had with them. He cast a net quite athletically upon the kids, fully entangling them. Without much effort, he had one top banana. Apeshima was shamelessly indulging himself in the bright yellow banana when the sea turtle began to speak to him.

Part 3[]

Despite being a talking ape himself, he didn't feel very comfortable about a talking turtle. But as he had finished his banana, and he didn't have much else to do, he decided to oblige this strange turtle. Doing as the turtle told him, Apeshima rode upon his shell to the bottom of the sea. Once there, they were greeted with more schools of fish that you could imagine, and a princess....

Part 4[]

The princess and the fish sang and danced for Apeshima, as they were quite thrilled that he'd saved the turtle. No expense was spared with their sacrificial servings of Sashimi and Tempura (delicate raw fish & fried vegetables). The taste was unbelievable! Alas, as we know, Apeshima didn't have a stomach for fish, and so he left it quite untouched. He put in a special order for banana, but was told they had no such thing in the sea. Apeshima, thoroughly disappointed, decided to return home.

Part 5[]

Before he left, the princess gave Apeshima a gift. It was a chest that she told him that he must never open. He was of course pleased by her kindness, but quite frankly, a gift that one cannot open may as well be no gift at all. So after returning to the beach, he threw it straight back into the sea where it likely belonged, and went home. Unfortunately, for centuries no fisherman could ever catch a single fish from the sea into which the mysterious chest was thrown.

The End



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