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Templates are used for :

Always add {{ApeEscapeFranchise}} at the bottom of the source page.

See the documentation if you want to add a template (via the source) and fill out parameters.

- For flags, use {{Jap}}, {{USA}} and {{PAL}}
- For Games (Appears parameter), use {{AE1}}, {{AE2}}, {{AE3}}, {{AEP&P}}, {{AEMM}}, {{AEM}}, {{PSASBR}}, etc.
- For buttons Xicon, Oicon, Triangleicon, Squareicon, R1Icon, R2Icon, L1Icon, L2Icon (gameplay), use {{X}}, {{O}}, {{Triangle}}, {{Square}}, {{R1}}, {{R2}}, {{L1}}, {{L2}}, etc.

Wiki style

  • The goal is to bring tons of information about Ape Escape, (including animes, books, guides, comics, etc.), to have a full strategy guide for every Ape Escape game and to collect every poster/ wallpaper/ render (etc.) of Ape Escape.
  • American names are used for characters (Jap/ Eur names should only appear within the infobox), games and levels.
  • Monkeys are always presented with a specific box which mimic the in-game encyclopedia. Do not add a page for every monkey unless the ape have a significant role in the game's plot. Do not add a random picture inside this box, only the official in-game pic.
  • Walkthroughs writing style should be "professional" and in the third person singular, using an in-game style (i.e. Spike needs to...) rather than a player's perspective.


  • Please, do not upload anime videos. Those are under copyright, and they will be removed.
  • Video walkthroughs are not allowed. It's very easy to find a high quality Walkthrough on youtube.

Interlanguage Link Request

Feel free to expand this wiki into another language.

To Do List

Ape Escape

  • Finish the Apes informations for those 204 monkeys [10% completed]
  • Finish every level page.
  • Write a walkthrough for every level
  • Write a Time Attack walkthrough.

Ape Escape 2

  • Finish every level page.


  1. Please use proper grammer and spelling.
  2. Do not Spam. If you do not like this series, just leave this wiki.
  3. Please no adult content. Which means hentai and anything related to sexual content.
  4. Do not add fan images, info, or pages to this wiki. Anything fanon related should be placed on user profiles.
  5. Have fun!

Wiki History

  • August 11th, 2011: Wiki was made
  • June 24, 2013: apeescape.wikia and sarugetchu.wikia were successfully merged.
    As of this date, apeescape.wikia redirect here.