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Ape Escape Pipo Jara™
Ape Escape Pipo Jara Logo

Ape Escape: Pipo Jara, known in Japan as Saru Get You Pipo Jong (サルゲッチュピポジャラ) is a game released for mobile devices in 2008. It is basically a mahjong game with Ape Escape characters.


Ape Escape Pipo Jara is an illustration game where three tiles of the same pattern are gathered in triplets. Various Ape Escape characters are on theses tiles, and even those who do not know Mahjong can easily make a role. There are two modes, "Story Mode", which is aiming to win "Pipo Jara Competition" held for Specter to cultivate excellent Pipo Monkeys, and "Free Battle" aiming for the highest score by playing against each other until the points are gone. The scores of Free Battle mode can also be registered in the net ranking.