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Ape Escape M™
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Living Mobile

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Ape Escape M is a 2-D Ape Escape game released for mobile devices in 2008. It is supposedly a continuation of the first Ape Escape game.


The story is more or less similar to the first game, where Specter and his monkey legion try to take over the world via time travelling, and Spike is sent out to stop him. This game doesn't have much of a complex story, nor has it any bossfights.


The gameplay of this game is similar to the standard Ape Escape games. Spike already starts with all the gadgets from the Professor in order to help in his monkey-catching mission. In this game there are 5 worlds Spike must traverse to find all the monkeys: Jungle World, Beach World, Canyon World, Snow World and Moon World.

The game also lets you customize your "profile" (save), you can add your name as well as an icon.




This game has 5 worlds. There is also a tutorial "Holo-Room" at the start of the game. Every world has its own music that plays in each level.

The game has 115 monkeys in total.

# Name Monkeys
0 Holo-Room (Jungle Simulation) 3

Jungle World

# Name Monkeys
1 Coin Join 5
2 Elevation


3 Jungle Tangle 5
4 River Ring 5

Beach World

Here Spike earns a gadget to capture monkeys on the water.

# Name Monkeys
1 Beach Teach 5
2 Niceland 4
3 Piece Breeze 4
4 Brand Sand 5
5 Good Bay 5

Canyon World

# Name Monkeys
1 Apeventure 4
2 Desert Dessert 4
3 Rock'n Scroll 5
4 Bedrock Knock 6
5 Mountain Spike 6

Snow World

# Name Monkeys
1 Snow Motion 4
2 Icy Dicey 4
3 Cold Bold 5
4 Nice Ice 5
5 Winter Sprinter 6

Moon World

Spike goes to Specter's factory on the moon. This is the last world of the game. Spike is also equipped with an astronaut helmet.

# Name Monkeys
1 Well Come 4
2 Moon Dune 5
3 Greyway 5
4 X-Factory 6



  • This game is one of the few 2D Ape Escape games.
  • Many of the level names are puns.
  • This game has achievements/awards which are viewable in the main menu.
  • The soundtrack of Beach World and Canyon World are strangely unfitting. It is possible that they accidently switched songs.
  • In the level "Moon Dune" in Moon World, a red pants monkey mentions in his description "Monkey TV", perhaps a reference to Specter TV in Ape Escape 3, or mere coincidence.
  • Some copies of this game have been reported to be badly translated from Russian to English. The reason for this is unknown.
  • In this game, you only have to choose between the music, or the sound effects. This option cannot be changed unless you restart the game. The reason behind this is likely due to the limited sound system of the device of this game.
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