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Ape Escape 3™
Ape Escape 3.png

Ape Escape


PlayStation 2


Sony Computuer Entertainment


Sony Computuer Entertainment

Release Date(s)

Japan.png July 14, 2005
America.png January 17, 2006
Europe.png May 5, 2006


Naoto Ohta
Yuzo Sugano


Naoto Ohta


Soichi Terada

Ape Escape 3, known in Japan as Saru Get You 3 (サルゲッチュ3), is the third main installment of the Ape Escape franchise released on the PlayStation 2.


The story begins when Specter, the leader of the Pipo Monkeys, allies himself with the human scientist Dr. Tomoki to aid him in his evil plans. They establish TV stations protected by the Freaky Monkey Five where they plan to broadcast Specter TV worldwide. The shows that are broadcasted put every human on the planet except for the twin protagonists Kei, Yumi, their aunt Aki, and Natalie into a mindless trance. When Natalie informs Kei and Yumi that Spike, Jimmy and the Professor were all infected by the TV show, they go out to catch the monkeys and thwart Specter and Dr. Tomoki.

Their mission is to go to every movie set, capture all the monkeys in it, and destroy the satellite there. Kei and Yumi easily capture White Monkey, Blue Monkey, and Yellow Monkey. When they reach the TV Station where Pink Monkey is, Kei and Yumi's attempts to capture her fail and she escapes. They manage to capture Red Monkey afterwards.

When they reach Tomoki City, Tomoki challenges them to a battle in his giant Tomo-King robot. Following his defeat by Kei and Yumi, and being humiliated by Specter and defended by the children, he changes alliances to help the heroes and takes them to space to defeat his former partner. Once they reach Specter's outer space base of operations, Space Station SARU-3, they capture all the monkeys and deactivate the movie sets on their way to Specter. When they reach Specter, he reveals his plan of "Twin Heavens." He plans to use the arm of his space station to chop the Earth in half and keep half of it for the monkeys. As the other half was originally meant for Dr. Tomoki, he's fine with leaving that for the humans to fight over. He refuses to accept this would also destroy the entire planet.

Specter activates his plan and gets into his new King Gorillac Mech for a boss battle. After Kei and Yumi defeat and capture Specter, Dr. Tomoki reminds the twins that the Chop Rocket is still on a crash course to Earth. Dr. Tomoki hurries Kei and Yumi to escape from the satellite, assuring he will follow after stopping Specter's plan. In truth, he knows the only way to stop "Twin Heavens" is to make the Space Station destroy itself. He activates the self destruction mechanism as the twins escape.

He survived, as shown in the end credits. He reveals himself to Kei, Yumi and Aki with a robot he saved from SARU-003.

Shortly after Specter is defeated, however, Pink Monkey rereleases him and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five. Kei and Yumi then proceed to recapture the Freaky Monkey Five and all of the remaining monkeys they had missed before. After capturing them all, Aki discovers that the Space Station SARU-003 wasn't completely destroyed and that Specter is hiding there again.

Kei and Yumi arrive soon after to find Specter strangely turning himself in. Yumi falls for Specter's lie before Kei can warn her, which leads to them getting captured. They manage to escape from their capture, beat Specter, and catch him once and for all. Afterwards, they two twins go home and get ready to go to school.


  • Kei/Satoru is one of the two main playable protagonists of Ape Escape 3. He is a typical overconfident hothead, and he wants to stop Specter. He is the younger twin.
  • Yumi/Sayaka is the first and only playable heroine in the main series, and is one of the two characters you can pick to play as. She is a young idol and wants to stop Specter. She is the older twin.
  • Aki is the aunt of Kei and Yumi and acts as a guide for them. She makes a futuristic bracelet, Morph Gear, that allows the twins to morph into seven different forms. She also has history with Dr. Tomoki, having worked with him and the Professor.


At the beginning of the game, you choose between Kei or Yumi to play as. Your choice only determines whether some monkeys are attracted to you or not, as some are in Yumi's "Fan club" and will be lovestruck at first sight. R1 and R2 are your jumping buttons, whereas the four face buttons are assigned gadgets and dictate which gadget you have equipped.


  • Stun Club- "This gadget is used for standard attacks." Returning from previous games, this is one of the two gadgets you start out with, and one you will be using for the majority of your playthrough. You tilt the Right Joystick in a direction to hit there, and rotate it to spin around.
  • Monkey Net- "This gadget is used for capturing monkeys." Also returning with a new name and being a starter gadget, the Monkey Net allows you to capture the cunniving monkeys and is probably the most used gadget of them all. You move the Right Joystick to swing the net.
  • Monkey Radar- "This gadget is used for locating monkeys." As the first gadget you obtain upon entering a level, its two uses are to locate and give information on monkeys. It is obtained as you enter Hide-n-Seek Forest/Hide-and-Seek Forest. You move the Right Joystick to locate monkeys and press L2 to view more information.
  • Super Hoop- "This gadget allows you to run quickly." The Super Hoop is one of the fastest ways to travel in Ape Escape 3, only being rivaled the Cyber Ace's mid-air dash. It is the most useful gadget when performing time trials. It is obtained as you enter The Big City/Life in the Big City. You spin the Right Joystick rapidly to activate the hoop and control with the Left stick when activated to move faster.
  • Slingback Shooter- "This gadget allows you to attack from far away." The slingback shooter is a slingshot that is used to either knock high-up monkeys down or as a long range weapon, along with being able to hit certain unreachable levers or switches. In the Shopping Area or from Specter TV boxes, you can obtain two other types of ammunition for it. It is obtained as you enter Specter TV Studio/Thrilling TV Studio. You pull back the Right Joystick and release to fire a shot.
  • Water Net- The Water Net is a strange gadget, as it is not equipped, but deployed automatically when the player enters water. It is obtained as you enter Bootown/Little Shop of Horrors. You move with the Left Joystick and tilt the Right Joystick to deploy a net. Pressing the Left Joystick in will make you dive, and pressing R1 or R2 after that causes you to rise.
  • R.C. Car- "This gadget can be remote-controlled." The R.C. Car can scare monkeys cowering in certain spots to move, collect coins from afar, activate floor switches, and deal damage to enemies. There are different styles for the R.C. Car in the Hobby Shop. It is obtained as you enter The Hot Springs/Hot Springs for Good Health
  • Sky Flyer- "This gadget is used for high-flying." It is used to reach high or far away places that Kei and Yumi couldn't reach before. It is obtained as you enter Mount Amazing/Mishap Mountain.


A new arrival for the Ape Escape series, Morphs allow the player to change form and gain abilities not able to be gained via gadgets. These include stronger and more varied attacks, greater movement ability, and other, more specific abilities as well.

  • Fantasy Knight- "This defensive morph has a powerful attack and wields a mighty shield."
  • Wild West Kid- "This morph is good at long distance attacks."
  • Miracle Ninja- "A nimble morph with a Doppelgànger ability."
  • Genie Dancer- "This morph calls forth a dancing genie!"
  • Dragon Kung Fu Fighter- "This morph is great for combo attacks."
  • Cyber Ace- "This morph gives you an Electro-pulse Spark attack and a mid-air dash."
  • Super Monkey- "This morph lets you befriend the monkeys and search for hidden rooms!"


Ape Escape 3 Mesal Gear Solid.png Ape Escape 3 Super Monkey Throw Stadium.png Ape Escape 3 Ultim-ape Fighter!.png
Mesal Gear Solid Super Monkey Throw Stadium Ultim-ape Fighter!


Name of Level


Monkeys in Level (NTSC)


TV Station Ukki Pan
Seaside Resort Nessal - Ukki Pia - Sarubo - Salurin - Ukkitan - Morella - Ukki Ben - Kankichi - Tomezo - Kamayan - Taizo
American : Hide-n-Seek Forest

European : Hide-and-Seek Forest

Ukki Pon - Ukkian - Ukki Red - Rosalin - Salubon - Wolfmon - Ukiko - Lambymon - Kreemon - Ukkilei - Spork - King Goat - Marukichi - Kikimon - Kominato

American : Saru-mon's Castle

European : Knight's Castle

Ukkido - Pipo Guard - Monderella - Ukki~ichi - Ukkinee - Saru~mon - Monga - Ukkiton - King Leo - Ukkii - Saluto - King's Double - Mattsun - Miya - Mon~san - SAL~1000
Monkey White Battle! Monkey White
American : The Big City

European : Life in the Big City

Ukima - Monbolo - Pipo Mondy - Ukki Mattan - Bemucho - Ukki Nader - Sabu~sabu - Ginjiro - Kichiemon - Ukkilun - Bully~mon - Ukki Joe - Tamaki - Micky Oou - Sally Kokoroe - Monkey Manager - Supervisor Chimp - Boss Ape
American : Specter TV Studio European :Thrilling TV Studio Ukki Yan - Ukkipuss - Minoh - Monta - Pipopam - Monpii Ukkichi - Gabimon - Bananamon - Mokinza - Ukki Lee Ukki - Ukkida Jiro - Sal Ukindo - Gimminey - Hant - Chippino - Ukki Paul - Sally Mon - Bonly - Monly
American : Bootown

European : Little Shop of Horrors

Monkichiro - Leomon - Uikkun - Take Ukita - Bonbon - Chichi - Ukkisuke - Chibi Sally - Ukkison - Saruhotep - Ukkito - Monzally - Ukkiami - Monjan - Nattchan - Kabochin - Ukki Mon - Mumpkin
American : Wild West Town

European : Wild West Village

Morrey - Jomi - Tammy - Ukki Gigolo - Monboron - West Ukki - Lucky Woo - Pamela - Ukki Monber - Gaukichi - Shaluron - <br /> Jay Mohn - Munkee Joe - Saru Chison - Jaja Jamo - Chammy Mo - Golon Moe - Golozo - Ukkia Munbo - Mon Johny
Monkey Blue Battle! Monkey Blue
American : The Hot Springs

European : Hot Springs for Good Health

Chabimon - Saru Sam - Kiichiro - Tome~san - Michiyan - Ukki~ichiro - Ukki~emon - Moki - Ukimi - Domobeh - Sam~san - Donkichi - Minokichi - Tatabo - Kimisan - Michiro - Gen~san - Mujakin - Mihachin
American : Winterville

European : Frozen Fun

Kimisuke - Konzo - Saburota - Mitsuro - Takuo - Konkichi - Fumikichi - Pipotron Yellow - Tamubeh - Kimikichi - Gonbeh - Shimmy - Mako - Miko - Tamio - Jeitan - Ukki~jii - Akki~bon - Kimi~chan - Sae~chan - Tassan - Tomokun
American : The Emperor's Castle

European : Shogun's Castle

Pipo Tobi - Masan - Mohachi - Mon Ninpo - Yosio - Fatty McFats - Kikimaru - Tomoku~chan - Uziko - GP - Walter - Monkibeth - Babuzo - Fishy Feet - Pipo Torin - Tomi - Master Pan - Monchin Chi - Masachi - Golota - Kinsuke
Monkey Yellow Battle! Monkey Yellow
American : Mount Amazing

European : Mishap Mountain

Ukkichi - Chomon - Ukkido - Kyamio - Talupon - Bokitan - Tami - Micchino - Talurin - Occhimon - Mikkurin - Kicchino - Kimurin - Sakkano - Camino - Valuccha - Pisuke - Kansuke - Pohta - Keisuke
American : Toytown

European: Apes in Toyland

Pikkori - TalUkki - Pinkino - Bon Mota - Bon Verna - Bon Papa - Bon Mama - Kalkin - Pakun - Ukki X - Mon Gareji - Shouji - Woo Makka - Monto - Mokitani - Namigo - Pipotron Red - Master Loafy - Golonero - Kocho - Tam Konta - Tam Mimiko - Tam Papa - Tam Mama
American : Arctic Wonderland

European : Antarctic Apeland

Bikupuri - Ukkisu - Ukki Ami - Balio - Kimkon - Ukkina - Kushachin - Malikko - Bolikko - Iceymon - Mokkidon - Jolly~mon - Hikkori - Rammy - Monkino - Kyam - Kappino - Kris Krimon
Mirage Town Scorpi~mon - Minimon - Moontero - Ukki Son - Ukki Jeff - Saru Maru - Genghis Mon - Cup~o~mon - Nijal - Apey Jones - Ukki Mamba - Golden Mon - Crazy 'ol Mon - Shamila - Tamiyanya - Salteenz - Dancing Mia - Miccho - Kisha - Gimuccho - Wojin - Princess Judy
Monkey Pink Battle! Monkey Pink
American : Eversummer Island

European : Summer Island

Ukki Mat - Salumani - Salulu - Baku - Salunch - Pincher~mon - Mong Popo - Mohcha - Kamcha - Bimocha - Gimchin - Kamaccha - Gyamu - Takumon - Ukki Ether - Tartan - Molzone - Chappio - Pomoah - Gucchai - Makaccho - Larry
American : Airplane Squadron

European : Formidable Fleet

Romo - Temko - Ukkigawa - Mokkido - Pont - Gamish - Prince Bertus - Takmon - Chai Bunny - Mukita - Tamrai - Kemunpa - Pipotron Blue - Mabaras - Tamoos - Kimoto - Octavian - Samuel - Coril - Bont - Delly - Jeloh - Bongo
American : Kung-Fu Alley

European : Kung fu Street

Dally - Nak Nayo - Donto Koi - Po Kin Ki - Ukki Chan - Uki Uki - Muki Muki - Shinchi - Doh Tsuitaro - Hi Uchi Ishi - Gala Waruo - Bassili Ukki - Canchi - Pikon - Bankan - Sukei - Giyan - Muchaki - Yoh Kitana - Goshi Andos - Pukuman - Block master - Tompo Wootan - Chechin - Hapcho - Bonmos - Dark Master - Teh Isu - Ponja
Monkey Red Battle! Monkey Red
American : Midnight Bay

European : Midnight Bayside

Nadamon - Patoya - Gumbo - Pehyan - Mokito - Pipo Kate - Samtan - Pokkine - Daban - Shiny Pete - Keiichi - Landon - McBreezy - Ronson - Gimo - Hiroshi - Nakabi - Mibon - Bololon - Gimi Gimi - Doemos - Kazuo - Pokkini - Jimo - Bokino - Makidon - Dogy - Gibdon - Buligie
American : Tomoki City

European : Tomuki City

Kichibeh - Bonchicchi - Mikibon - DJ Tamo - Ukkinaka - Ukkine - Pon Jiro - Chimpy - Kajitan - Uka Uka - Mil Mil - Taimon - Goro~san - Reiji - Ponta - Tomio - Gario - DJ Pari - Mitsuo - Riley - Pipo Ron - Mikita - SAL~13 - SAL~12 - Tomu - Breadacus - Ukkigoro - Ukiji - Tomimon
American : Dr. Tomoki Battle

European : Dr. Tomuki Battle

Dr. Tomoki
American : Space-TV Fortress

European : TV Space Station

Poko - Gamuo - Mukikko - Moto Ukki - Jimi Jami - Genbo - Twin Mitty - Uttey - Emma - Dokicchi - Kamicchi - Ukki Monda - Porokko - Zonelin - Tamano - Nelson - Koloneh - Miluchy - Robert - Fronson - Demekin - Kikuyoshi - Freet - Chico - Gamurin - Pipo Mon - Gam Gam - Doronbo - Benja - Macchan - Rokkun - Ukki Love - Momongo - Moepi - Pumon - Makiban - Upis - Mondatta - Gicchom - Barire - SAL~10 - SAL~11 - SAL~3000
Specter Battle! Specter
Specter's Final Battle! Specter


In Ape Escape 3's main menu, if the player holds down L1, L2, R1, and R2 and presses start, a secret password menu appears which allows players to input passwords for rewards. On the Japanese version, all passwords must be input in Hiragana, even if the words they spell are meant to be written with Katakana or Kanji.











grobyc grobyc るさぐーぼいさ


[[1]] urasgrobyc SAL-1000 (in Saru-mon's Castle)
blackout blackout くろいほうもんしゃ


33483264 bkvisitor Dark Master (in Kung-Fu Alley)
redmon redman なぞのあかいあいつ


83005415 redenigma Pipotron Red (in Toytown)
coolblue coolblue あおいくーるがい


23509391 bluecool Pipotron Blue (in Airplane Squadron)
yellowy yellowy ひみつのきいろいやつ


11228368 secrety Pipotron Yellow (in Winterville)
2nd man 2nd man ふたりめのおとこ


34076466 2ndman Shimmy (in Winterville)
krops urekak るさるけか


37459551 urasekips Spork (in Hide-n-Seek Forest)
SAL3000 RATCH ぎんがのらいほうしゃ


50462522 galaxyman SAL-3000 / Ape Ratchet

(in Space-TV Fortress)

MESAL MESAL ゆめのきょうえん


[[2]] dreamcoact Mesal Gear Solid
MonkeyToss MonkeyToss さるなげてきもちいい


72396504 saruthrow Super Monkey Throw Stadium


56014704 burnsaru Ultim-ape Fighter!
2 snakes 2 snakes ふたりのすねーく


87797030 snakex2 Tape "The Two Snakes" and Files "At

Fort Alaska" + "Sons of Liberty"

AEAcademy APESPSP くらんくしんさく


64061629 newclank Tape 30 "Special Movie!"
millimon millimon ぴぽとろんあげいん


99876650 pipoagain Tape 29 "Mystery Movie"
survive survive さばいばる


67686697 survival Survival Mode
RICH RICH ちょうかねもちだぜ


47411515 lottorich 9999 Gotcha Coins
Gadget Gadget めかめかめかめか


48690278 mecameca All 8 Gadgets
Transforms Personae さあへんしんしまくれ


89770823 drchange All 7 Morphs


Voice Actors[]

Role American Voice Actor European Voice Actor Japanese Voice Actor
Kei Hope Levy Richard Pearce Junko Takeuchi
Yumi Anndi McAfee Maria Darling Ai Nonaka
Aki Julie Nathanson Maria Darling Sayaka Ohara
Natalie Amber Hood Rachel Preece Tomoko Kawakami
Specter Charlie Schlatter Mark Silk Chika Sakamoto
Dr. Tomoki Nolan North Keith Wickham Keiji Fujiwara
Monkey White Phil Proctor Mark Silk Kenichi Ogata
Monkey Blue Michael Gough Simon Greenall Takahiro Sakurai
Monkey Yellow Steven Jay Blum David Holt Shoto Kashii
Monkey Pink Debi Derryberry Rachel Preece Miyuki Matsushita
Monkey Red Greg Berger Jonathan Keeble Daisuke Gori


Ape Escape 3 JAP.png Ape Escape 3.png Ape Escape 3 EUROPE.png

Names in Other Languages[]

Languages Name Meaning
Japanese サルゲッチュ3

Sarugecchu 3

Saru Get You 3
Korean 삐뽀사루겟츄 3


Piposaru Get You 3
Chinese 捉猴啦3

Zhuō hóu la

Catching a Monkey 3


  • This is the first main Ape Escape title where no new Gadgets appear.
    • This is also the first main Ape Escape title where the Magic Punch is missing.
  • The passwords "grobyc" and "るさぐーぼいさ" are both Cyborg backwards. (さいぼーぐさる "saibōgu saru" translates to "Cyborg Monkey"). Along with this, "krops", "urekak", and "るさるけか" are the names of the monkey they spawn, also written backwards. (かけるさる "kakeru saru" translates to "Kakeru monkey")
  • Tape 29, "Mystery Movie" is obtainable through the Music Shop and a password, but Tape 30, "Special Movie!" is only unlockable via password.
  • In the Japanese version, almost every piece of concept art has Japanese text on it. All of the text present was removed in localization.
  • This is the last main title Ape Escape game on the PlayStation 2.
  • This is the only mainline series game, excluding the psp remake of the first game, to come out in Korea.
  • -> It is completely translated into korean but does not have a dub. It takes aspects from both the Japanese and Wordwide versions of the games, most noticably on the title screen.
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