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The Ape Escape (1999) UK Transcript will comprise the full verbal transcript of the original Ape Escape on the Playstation 1, specifically the UK dub. Mailbox messages will also be included.


  • Character and level names reflect the UK dub as shown in-game. (Example: Buzz does not go by Jake/Hiroki, and the Professor's assistant is known as Katie).
  • Brief descriptions of the mailbox messages have been added for clarity.


Buzz: Hey, Spike! Do you think the Professor finished his time machine?
Spike: He said he's almost done!
Buzz: Then maybe we can ride it today!
Spike: If so, I'm riding on it first!
Buzz: Hey, that isn't fair, Spike! Hey! Wait up!
Spike: (laughs)

Spike: Hello, Professor!
Professor: Spike! And Buzz!
Katie: Spike!
Professor: No, no! Run, you two!
Spike: Ahh!
Buzz: Ahh!
Spike: Ahhhhh!
Buzz: Ahhhhh!
Professor: Oh, okay, I got it! This becomes this and when it becomes that, this goes like this, therefore that became this! We did it, Katie! The time machine is completed!
Katie: This isn't the time for that!

Professor: Spike! Can you hear me? Something awful has happened. You have slipped in time with the accident earlier. You will soon arrive in the Prehistoric Era when dinosaurs existed! On top of that, the monkeys have also slipped in time in various eras. If we leave them alone, the history of Earth will be in disarray. So Spike, I need you to do this for me. Luckily, you should have two of my gadget inventions. I want you to use these to catch as many monkeys as you can. You can catch the monkeys using the net, and if by any chance you're in danger, counterattack using the club. It will be useful. It is a tough job, but you can do it. I'm relying on you.

Prehistoric Era - Ancient Plain[]

Casi (text):
Capture [3] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/4
Specter coins: 0/1

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): Tilt the right stick and swing the Stun Club in any direction!
Professor (text): Beat the enemies by swinging and turning the Stun Club around. You can also make the monkeys fall down.
Katie (text): Press the R1Icon button to jump! Swing the Stun Club with the right stick. Jump with the R1Icon button. Good luck!

(Red Mailbox, Beneath the crashed rocketship)
Professor (text): Switch the gadgets you're holding with the Oicon Xicon Triangleicon Squareicon buttons. Switch to the Time Net and catch the monkeys!
Katie (text): The Time Net is swung by tilting or turning the right stick. You can swing the Time Net in a circle, too!

(Blue Mailbox, far right corner)
Professor (text): The round cookies up to your left show your health.
Katie (text): When you've tossed all your cookies, your missions ends!

Time Station[]

(Red Mailbox, Warp Room)
Professor (text): Welcome to the Time Station! Everything here will help you with your mission.
Professor (text): This room is the Warp Room. In front of you, the round switch will take you to the stage select area.
Katie (text): Behind you, the red switch will take you to the load/save data area.
Katie (text): Be sure to read all the mailbox messages and learn from them!

(Red Mailbox, Save station)
Professor (text): Step onto the switch to save the game and check out the monkey data.
Katie (text): The other rooms are the training space and mini game corner. You should try them out!

(Red Mailbox, Mini Game Corner)
Professor (text): This is the Mini Game Corner. To play a mini game, gather the Specter coins hidden in the stages.
Katie (text): Once you collect the number of Specter coins on the monitor, you can play that mini game.
Professor (text): You can confirm the number of coins you've collected by pressing the START button and then the Oicon button.

(Red Mailbox, Training Space hub)
Professor (text): This is the training space. You can learn to use the gadgets you already have.
Professor (text): Practice here if you forget how to use a gadget.

Prehistoric Era - Raining Lake[]

Katie: Spike! A new gadget is completed!
Professor: This is a Water Net, that shoots a net underwater. I will send these over. Try them out in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Well, good luck.

Training Space - Water Net[]

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): The Water Net appears when you are in the water. Swim around using the left stick.
Katie (text): Exit the water by jumping near the surface of the water. Use the R1Icon button to jump.
Professor (text): To speed up, press the R1Icon button while swimming or resurfacing. The faster you swim, the faster you'll win!

(Red Mailbox, L3 Sign)
Professor (text): The sign on the left shows how the left and right controller sticks can be pushed in like a button.
Professor (text): To dive down, press in the left stick.
Katie (text): Stop pressing the left stick and you'll swim back towards the surface for air.
Professor (text): Push in to dive. Tilt it away from you to go forward. Swim through the waterway under the waterfall!

(Red Mailbox, Net room)
Professor (text): Press the right stick in to launch the net. Use it to catch the monkeys in the water.
Katie (text): There's a monkey in the pool. Catch him by pushing the right stick in and the exit will open! Try it!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Katie (text): Here's the exit! You passed! Don't forget that you can swim fast by pressing the R1Icon button!
Professor (text): You can use the Water Net anytime in the water. Have fun!

Casi (text):
Capture [4] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/6
Specter coins: 0/1

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Katie (text): Hey! You can dive by pushing the left stick in, but, watch your oxygen meter!
Professor (text): You'll drown when the oxygen meter is on empty. Go up to the surface when you need to get more oxygen.
Professor (text): Swim quickly by pressing the R1Icon button. Push the right stick in to shoot the net. Go get those monkeys!

(Red Mailbox, Fallen log, inland)
Professor (text): Press the L2Icon button to use the Moveable Camera. You can look around at your surroundings with the left stick.
Katie (text): Press the L2Icon button again to return to the Normal Camera.
Professor (text): Next, I will tell you about the "Back Camera".
Professor (text): By pressing the L1Icon button, the camera will move behind you. Use it to turn the camera around quickly.

(Red Mailbox, Small rock cliff, next to fallen log)
Katie (text): If you jump up onto a tree, you can climb up and down using the left stick. You're not afraid of heights, right?
Professor (text): Have you tried the 2-step jump? Press the R1Icon button, then do a 2-step jump by pressing the R1Icon button again.
Katie (text): With the 2-step jump, you'll reach higher places. Just press the R1Icon button during the R1Icon button jump!

(Red Mailbox, Land bridge)
Professor (text): You can take cover by pushing in the left stick. This way, you can crawl to the monkeys without being noticed.
Katie (text): You can throw the Time Net with [the right stick] while under cover! Sneak up on the monkeys and catch them off guard!

Prehistoric Era - Dinosaur Valley[]

Casi (text):
Capture [4] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/7
Specter coins: 0/1

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Katie (text): You're surrounded by a steep cliff! If you fall off, you're finished! Be careful on the edge of a cliff!
Katie (text): Use the D-Pad or L2Icon button to move the camera around. Check out your surroundings.

(Blue Mailbox, doorway to Triceratops)
Katie (text): The triangular chips scattered around are called Energy Chips. You'll live longer if you gather 100 of these!

(Red Mailbox, before Triceratops)
Katie (text): That door is blocking the way! How does it open?!
Professor (text): You'll need to find a red swtich to open that gate.
Professor (text): Use the L2Icon button for the Look Around camera. The left stick will move the camera around.
Professor (text): To trip the switch, you'll need a gadget that hits distant objects. Did I give you that yet?

(Blue Mailbox, tree stump next to Triceratops)
Katie (text): Hit the bombs back at that Triceratops! You'll knock the monkey off his back!

(Red Mailbox, T-Rex)
Professor (text): The T-Rex is very aggressive and won't be hurt by your weapons.
Professor (text): Hit the T-Rex and run to the rocks. When the T-Rex runs after you, jump up out of the way!
Professor (text): If he hits his head hard enough, the T-Rex just might drop that monkey!

Cenozoic Era - Jungle River[]

Katie: Spike! A new gadget is completed!
Professor: This is a Monkey Radar that will help you in finding monkeys. I will send these over. Try them out in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Well, good luck.

Training Space - Monkey Radar[]

(Red Mailbox, Start)
Professor (text): The Monkey Radar is a gadget for finding monkeys. Turn the radar by rotating the right stick.
Professor (text): The sound changes when the radar detects the direction of a monkey.
Professor (text): The closer you are to the monkey, the louder the sound will get.
Katie (text): You can find them easily by rotating the right stick.

(Red Mailbox, box room)
Katie (text): Use the radar to find the monkeys hiding in the boxes! The exit will open when you find 3 monkeys.
Professor (text): Find the monkeys by rotating the radar, then step on the red switches to open the boxes!
Katie (text): Don't open a box without a monkey or you'll have to start over!
Professor (text): Listen to the radar's sound!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Professor (text): To use the Monkey radar, press the START button, and then the Triangleicon button to go to the Gadget Select screen.
Professor (text): You must set up each new gadget in order to use them. Press the Start button and then the Triangleicon button!

Professor: Spike! You are going to enter a period called the Cenozoic Era. It is a period after the dinosaurs became extinct. There shouldn't be any human life, but I've somehow confirmed evidences of civilization. If this isn't the work of the monkeys, it will be a great discovery for science. I'd really like to investigate this matter, but we must first find the monkeys. Oh yes, you may have already noticed, but it's easier to catch the monkeys if you approach them without being noticed by laying low or hiding. Basically, you won't be noticed as much if you lay low rather than standing still, without moving. I hope this helps. Well, I'm counting on you.

Specter: Hi everyone in the lab! How's it going? My name is Specter! I'm the conqueror of a new Earth! And the leader of the monkeys of the new age.
Katie: You?! Aren't you the monkey from earlier? What's going on here?
Professor: Specter, aren't you the little monkey that performed at the amusement park?
Katie: What?! He's that cute white monkey that everyone loved!
Specter: Well, I don't remember. What I can say is that I've acquired distinguished knowledge and great power. I owe it to you, Professor, for inventing the helmet.
Professor: Listen well, Specter. It is true that the Peak Point Helmet you've acquired will exhert your dormant knowledge when it's worn. It may even make you a genius. However, it is still incomplete, and is very dangerous to use right now. I advise you to return the Peak Point Helmet right away!
Specter: Incomplete? It's a wonderful invention! It's too late now anyway. We've already made a new Peak Point Helmet ourselves. Mine is a special product with increased capacity. Anyway, I'm going to send in my comrades and monsters to various periods to rewrite the history of Earth! No longer will humans be the dominant species! I'm going to conquer the world! Don't try to stop me! I'm going to relentlessly attack whomever tries to get in my way!
Katie: What are you talking about? Spike will easily catch you all! Right, Spike?
Specter: Oh yes Spike. I've prepared a good playmate for you.
Professor and Katie: Buzz!
Buzz: Spike. I've been thinking of settling things with you someday. Listen, I'm going to beat you. And there's nothing you can do about it.
Katie: Why? Why is Buzz there? And what's happened? You're totally different! Buzz, pull yourself together! Can you hear me?
Professor: It's no use, Katie. He is being controlled by Specter.
Specter: Right you are, Professor. The Buzz you see here isn't the same old Buzz anymore! He has been reborn! Well, everyone at the lab, I will enjoy all of your endeavors. Goodbye!

Casi (text):
Capture [6] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/14
Specter coins: 0/4

(Red Mailbox, Start)
Professor (text): It looks like the monkeys are hiding somewhere! Find them using the Monkey Radar.
Katie (text): To use a new gadget, press the START button and then the Triangleicon button!
Katie (text): Assign the gadget to the Oicon Xicon Triangleicon Squareicon buttons in the Gadget Select screen.

(Red Mailbox, first lookout tower by river)
Professor (text): Locate a monkey, then switch to the Monkey Camera with the L2Icon button.
Katie (text): Watch the monkeys in action!
Professor (text): There are limits to the L2Icon monkey camera. If the monkeys are too far away, you may not be able to watch them.

(Red Mailbox, Rowboat)
Professor (text): This river is very dangerous because a strange fish lives here.
Katie (text): He'll shock you if you're swimming!
Professor (text): I've sent you a rowboat. You must use it!
Professor (text): Rotate the left and right sticks to move the oars. Learn to work the oars together in order to go straight.
Katie (text): To get off the boat, use the R1Icon Jump!
Professor (text): Rotate the oars slowly or you'll get nowhere fast!

(Red Mailbox, Crank after 1st Rowboat)
Professor (text): If you find a strange device..... Use the Stun Club to hit & examine it.
Katie (text): How did you like swimming fast with the R1Icon button? That Water Net can sure go fast, don't you think?

(Blue Mailbox, Tree Monster after 2nd Rowboat)
Professor (text): Don't hurt the precious plants in this period.
Katie (text): Yeah! Don't hit the trunks of large trees with the Stun Club! They're real delicate!
Professor (text): We put a cookie jar over there. Hit it as many times as you need to fill yourself up!

(Blue Mailbox, UFO spawn / Rolling stones after 2nd Rowboat)
Professor (text): The Specter Coins open up the mini games in the Time Station. Try and find as many as you can!

(Blue Mailbox, Propeller chasm / bouncy mushrooms)
Katie (text): The results of my scanning show that there's something on the other side of that valley.
Professor (text): You need a flying gadget to get over the valley. If you don't have something like that, I should make one for you!

(Blue Mailbox, Crank after Propeller chasm)
Professor (text): The stage is completely cleared when every last monkey is caught.
Katie (text): That'll be so great!
Professor (text): You'll be able to Time Attack the stages you've cleared. Then you should clear the stage as fast as you can!

Cenozoic Era - Dark Ruins[]

Casi (text):
Capture [6] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/13
Specter coins: 0/4

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): You can tell the monkeys' strength by their attribute levels. See their levels by using the Monkey Radar's close-up view L2Icon.
Professor (text): It's a good strategy to get the monkeys with lower levels first!

(Blue Mailbox, Block Dump)
Katie (text): Looks like there's a block inside the ruins that you can push out of your way. Try pushing a block that looks out of place!

(Blue Mailbox, Hexagonal platforms)
Katie (text): There's danger ahead! This area's difficult for beginners!
Katie (text): Don't go further unless you've had experience exploring similar areas!

(Red Mailbox, After Hexagonal platforms)
Professor (text): Hmmm... that red switch must do something!
Katie (text): Push the switch with the Stun Club or another gadget. Try to trigger it!

(Blue Mailbox, 1st Dungeon interior, purple Splitters)
Professor (text): I figured out the monkeys' lights!
Professor (text): Blue means all's well. Yellow means it's on guard. Red means it's in a panic!
Professor (text): When the monkeys notice you, the lamp will turn red. When it's red, be careful, because the monkey may be violent!

(Red Mailbox, Fan Room)
Professor (text): The monkey will turn on the fan if they see you!
Katie (text): The wind is so strong it'll blow you away!
Professor (text): You'll be hard to find it you crawl forward while pressing the left stick in.
Professor (text): While crawling, you can pretend you're not there by pressing the right stick in. You'll be nearly invisible!
Katie (text): Basically, you push both sticks in!
Professor (text): Pretending you're not there is way more effective than just crawling.

(Blue Mailbox, Fan Room exit)
Katie (text): Spike, you know that you can use the D-pad to move the camera around, right?

Cenozoic Era - Cryptic Relics[]

Katie: Spike! A new gadget is completed!
Professor: This is a Slingshot, that uses various bullets. I will send these over. Try them out in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Well, good luck.

Training Space - Slingshot[]

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): Use the Sling Shot to destroy distant enemies! Tilt the right stick towards you and release to launch a bullet!
Katie (text): Tilt and rotate the right stick to set the target. The bullet will be aimed at the blue cursor. Good luck!

(Red Mailbox, First Person training)
Professor (text): The L2Icon button will help you hit switches that are out of reach!
Katie (text): Press the L2Icon button to use your Sling Shot with the target view. Adjust your target with the left stick.
Professor (text): Press the L2Icon button again for a normal view.
Professor (text): Now push the L2Icon button to use the Sling Shot's target view and hit the red switch above the door.

(Red Mailbox, Ammo types)
Professor (text): The Sling Shot can use 3 types of bullets.
-normal bullets
-flash bullets
-guided bullets
Professor (text): When you have the Sling Shot, you can change bullets by pushing the right stick in!
Katie (text): Only the normal bullets have an endless supply. When the other bullets run out, pick up items to refill them!
Professor (text): Try it out now.
Katie (text): Change the bullets by pushing the right stick in. Aim with the L2Icon button. Go get 'em!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Professor (text): Nice shooting! Good luck out there!
Professor (text): When you need the Sling Shot, go to the Gadget Select Triangleicon screen.
Katie (text): Remember how to set up gadgets?
Katie (text): Right! Press the START button and then the Triangleicon button. Assign the buttons in the Gadget Select screen.

Casi (text):
Capture [5] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/8
Specter coins: 0/1

(Blue Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): If you focus on the monkeys, the enemy will get you. It is safer to get rid of the enemy first.

(Red Mailbox, Start + Left Path)
Professor (text): Don't forget your Sling Shot!
Katie (text): Push the Start button and... Well, you must have it memorized by now!
Professor (text): Press the L2Icon button to aim at a target far away with the Sling Shot!

(Blue Mailbox, Camera Controls)
Professor (text): Speed the camera turn with the L1Icon button!
Katie (text): Once you learn the L1Icon Back Camera, you'll like it!

(Blue Mailbox, Waterfall)
Katie (text): As you clear the stages, go to the save area in the Time Station to save your place!
Professor (text): After running around for an hour or two, don't forget to save and take a break! Don't overdo it and hurt yourself!

(Blue Mailbox, Caged Monkey)
Professor (text): There are monkeys that can't be caught without certain gadgets.
Katie (text): Sometimes, you'll have to wait to get a new gadget and come back later!

Dimension - Buzz Attack Part 1[]

- RULE -
First to goal wins.

Buzz: I've been waiting for you, Spike. This will be a fight just between you and me! Follow me!

On-Screen: Buzz wins!
Buzz: I'll entertain you any time, no matter how many times you attack me!

On-Screen: Spike wins!
Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1
Buzz: You're pretty good, we'll fight again!

Primitive Age - Primitive Beach[]

Katie: Spike! A new gadget is completed!
Professor: This is a Dash Hoop! You run faster by rotating it. I will send these over. Try them out in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Well, good luck.

Training Space - Dash Hoop[]

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): Turn the Dash Hoop into a dash shield by rotating the right stick!
Professor (text): While it's a dash shield, you'll run quickly and you can smack into the enemies!
Professor (text): To create the dash shield, quickly rotate the right stick around and around!
Katie (text): Check it out!

(Red Mailbox, Timed Doors)
Professor (text): Step on the switch to open the gate. Once you're off the switch, the gate will shut.
Professor (text): Get the Dash Hoop going & run before the gate closes on you!
Katie (text): Okay! Get on the switch and start the Dash Hoop! ...I bet you already figured that out!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Professor (text): Way to go! You spin that hoop like a pro!
Katie (text): You can also turn the Dash Hoop while running!
Professor (text): You probably haven't forgotten, but, set up your new gadget in the Triangleicon Gadget Select screen.
Katie (text): Here's a secret! You can also request the gadget select with the SELECT button! It's easier that way!

Professor: Spike, go towards the ocean this time. There are many unknown things in this age. I can't even imagine what kind of living creatures may appear. Be very careful.

Casi (text):
Capture [5] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/8
Specter coins: 0/1

(Blue Mailbox, Level Start)
Katie (text): Try pressing the left stick in while jumping! You'll land straight down with a Hip Drop Attack!

(Red Mailbox, Monkey Door)
Professor (text): If you catch the number of monkeys written on the lamp, the door will open.

(Blue Mailbox, After Monkey Door)
Katie (text): It's dangerous to fall from a high place! Land as gently as you can. Don't run around near the edge of a cliff!

Primitive Age - Primitive Ocean[]

Casi (text):
Capture [5] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/8
Specter coins: 0/1

(Blue Mailbox, Start of 2nd area)
Professor (text): Guess what!? I've discovered something! The color of the monkeys' pants shows their abilities! According to the results of my experiments, monkeys in yellow pants are... your common, normal monkeys.

(Blue Mailbox, Top of the Submarine room)
Professor (text): I got it! Monkeys in red pants are... strong attackers! Be careful.

Primitive Age - Dexter's Island[]

Casi (text):
Capture [6] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/11
Specter coins: 0/3

(Blue Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): What a great discovery, Spike! We found a completely unknown creature!
Professor (text): I named him Dexter! Do you like that name?! I think it suits him well!

(Blue Mailbox, Boat)
Professor (text): It's become clear! Monkeys in blue pants are... very fast runners! Catch them before they get away.

(Blue Mailbox, Slide)
Katie (text): According to the scanner, there is a complicated maze in Dexter's body. Don't get lost!

(Blue Mailbox, Before Windows)
Professor (text): The normal bullets in your Sling Shot are pretty weak, but they're strong enough to scare the monkeys!
Katie (text): Maybe to even knock them down if they are on slippery ground!

Ice age - Frozen ocean[]

Professor: Spike, it'll be extremely cold in this next age. The Earth has gone through a number of cold periods like this one, which is called the ice age. The gadgets will help to protect you from the cold, but be very cautious.

Casi (text):
Capture [5] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/6
Specter coins: 0/1

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): The sea in the ice age is severely cold. You will be hurt if you fall in!
Katie (text): Be careful!

(Blue Mailbox, Start + Cliff to the left)
Professor (text): If you're reading this letter.....
Katie (text): You are lost!
Professor (text): Use the Monkey Radar to find the monkeys. Switch it to the Monkey Camera with the L2Icon button to see them up close.

(Red Mailbox, Propeller generator)
Professor (text): It looks like the machine is moving the Propeller! I think we should destroy this hazardous thing.

Ice age - Icicle Cave[]

Katie: Spike! A new gadget is completed!
Professor: This is a Propeller, to make you fly high. I will send these over. Try them out in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Well, good luck.

Training Space - Propeller[]

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): Use the Propeller to get higher than a jump will get you.
Katie (text): It's a great invention!
Professor (text): You'll fly high in the sky by rotating the right stick. Rotate while flying to jump a longer distance.

(Red Mailbox, Top Ledge)
Katie (text): Oh?! What was that about using the Propeller to jump long distances?
Professor (text): Well, you can fly farther away by rotating it continuously in the air.
Professor (text): While flying, guide yourself with the left stick. Practice using both sticks.
Professor (text): Also, the Propeller can be used while jumping. Jump with the R1Icon button and rotate the right stick. Try it!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Professor (text): Excellent flying!! Oh, yeah. Let me tell you a trick.
Professor (text): When the Propeller is turning, you can fly longer by rotating the right stick.
Katie (text): That'll keep you going longer.
Professor (text): ..... Exactly!

Casi (text):
Capture [6] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/9
Specter coins: 0/3

(Blue Mailbox, Cave entrance, Stalagmite)
Katie (text): You know, by pressing the SELECT button, you can go directly to the Gadget Select screen.
Professor (text): I didn't know that! Wait a minute!! Did you program that without my permission?!

Ice age - Monkey Hot Springs[]

Casi (text):
Capture [6] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/9
Specter coins: 0/2

(Red Mailbox, Polar Bear area, Level Start)
Professor (text): The passageway is blocked by an ice column. It seems like it'll break if you launch something heavy and smash it!

(Blue Mailbox, prior to collapsing ice bridge)
Katie (text): There is a bridge made of ice up ahead.
Professor (text): Get over as quickly as you can, before the ice breaks under your feet!

(Blue Mailbox, Hot Springs bathhouse, top of waterfall)
Professor (text): What wonderful hot springs!! I'd love to relax in there!
Katie (text): According to the scanner, the hot springs contain soothing minerals. Maybe we can come back some time and relax in them!

Dimension - Buzz Attack Part 2[]

- RULE -
First to goal wins.

Buzz: I've been waiting for you, Spike. This will be a fight just between you and me! Follow me!

On-Screen: Buzz wins!
Buzz: I'll entertain you any time, no matter how many times you attack me!

On-Screen: Spike wins!
Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1Specter Coin AE1
Buzz: You're pretty good, we'll fight again!

Recent Past - Tranquil Temple[]

Professor: Spike! We finally found out where Specter is! He is in the age where humans have developed civilization. At last you have reached your final battle. Try hard to catch Specter and come back to the present safely. We'll be waiting.

Casi (text):
Capture [7] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/12
Specter coins: 0/3

(Blue Mailbox, Underground Specter statue, before lava)
Katie (text): You might get hurt if you try too hard to get one monkey! Take a rest and relax before you lose your cool!

(Blue Mailbox, Temple interior, Giant Buddha statue, left corner)
Katie (text): Here's the result of my analysis! Monkeys in green pants have great vision! They'll notice you from a distance!

(Blue Mailbox, Temple interior, Giant Buddha statue, right corner)
Professor (text): It's just as I thought! Monkeys in light blue pants are very gentle! Don't bully them too much!

Recent Past - The Great Wall[]

Casi (text):
Capture [8] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/10
Specter coins: 0/3

(Blue Mailbox, Gong room entrance)
Professor (text): My studies show that the monkeys with white pants are very alert.
Professor (text): It's harder to sneak up on them without being noticed!

(Blue Mailbox, After gong room, before Buzzsaw gondola)
Professor (text): The guided bullets in the Sling Shot consist of 3 rounds to one set.
Professor (text): There are times the guidance will miss the target, but I can't help you there. Sometimes it happens, you know?

(Blue Mailbox, Buzzsaw gondola + straight path up and around to drawbridge)
Professor (text): I've figured out how to turn that round handle that looks like a big cogwheel!
Professor (text): Hold the Stun Club and rotate the right stck! Boy, I'm smart!

(Blue Mailbox, RC Car Monkey room, gray spiral ramp)
Katie (text): According to my study, monkeys in black pants are dangerous & wild. They usually wear dark shades and carry weapons.

Recent Past - Trick Castle[]

Casi (text):
Go catch Specter!
Monkeys: 0/20
Specter coins: 0/4

(Blue Mailbox, before UFO)
Katie (text): It's dangerous to run right up to a strong monkey! Think clearly! You won't lose if you outsmart them, right?!

Specter: What a surprise. You've come this far.
Spike: Specter. Buzz.
Specter: Buzz, is your plan progressing smoothly?
Buzz: Yes. We have almost brought the entire town under control.
Specter: Good. Let's return to the present.
Buzz: Okay.
Spike: Wait! I'm not gonna let you go!
Buzz: Spike! Unfortunately this is not the time for me to entertain you. But we will settle this someday. Wait until then.
Specter: Only if you can play with him and win.

Spike: What?
Spike: Ah!
Spike: Whaa!
Child: Wow, it's a UFO!
Mother: No! Stay inside!
Man: Whaaa-aa! Please help me! (Exhausted groans)

Casi: Spike! I have a message from the Professor!
Spike: Play it!
Casi: Okay.
Professor: Spike. I believe you have seen the circumstances of the town. While you were gone, Specter and his gang have attacked the town. Look at this. It is a picture of Specter's base made by the monkeys in the center of town. They have come to their extreme in this town. You are our only hope left. With your courage and gadgets, you can stop Specter. You can do it. We're counting on you.
Katie: Ahh! Hey, what are you doing?! You mind?!
Professor: Hey, stop that!

Present-Day - Urban City[]

Casi: Spike, I've finished checking the new gadget that the Professor asked me to check. So try it in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Good luck!

Training Space - RC Car[]

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): The RC Car appears when you push the right stick in. You can drive the car with the right stick. Try it.
Professor (text): You can also run along with the RC Car. Race the car to the exit of this room!

(Red Mailbox, holographic enemies)
Professor (text): You can beat the enemies by hitting them with the RC Car. And, you can trigger the floor switch with it!

(Red Mailbox, fence)
Katie (text): See the switch on the other side of the fence?
Professor (text): Drive the RC Car through that small opening!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Professor (text): What a great gadget! You can also use the RC Car to get items. Don't forget that!

Casi: Spike, since the Professor and Katie aren't here, I will be explaining to you on behalf of them. First of all, a part of the equipment in the lab has been destroyed by the helmet monkeys. From now on, continue to dispatch from the Time Station. Let me explain what I know about Specter's base. Apparently, Specter has built his base by remodeling a factory and building in the middle of town. Inside the factory they make tools used to conquer the world, and Specter's plans have been progressing steadily in the building. The base has heavy security with powerful unknown weapons. You must go to the energy storehouse to stop the activities in the base. It looks like the energy storehouse is hidden in a nearby park. After that, head over to the base. Spike, be very careful.

Casi (text):
Capture [8] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/13
Specter coins: 0/3

Present-Day - Specter's Factory[]

Casi (text):
Capture [7] monkeys
Monkeys: 0/10
Specter coins: 0/2

(Red Mailbox, Tank)
Professor (text): Hop in the tank and get going! The left and right treads will move with the left and right sticks.
Katie (text): So that means you can go forward by tilting both sticks to the front, and back by tilting them to the back.
Professor (text): Launch bullets by pushing the sticks in. The right stick is the cannon, and the left stick is the machine gun.
Katie (text): Use the L2Icon button for targeting. Jump with the R1Icon button to get out of the tank!
Professor (text): Oh, no! The monkeys are here! I've given you all the help I can! The rest is up to you!

Present-Day - TV Tower[]

Casi (text):
Go catch Specter!
Monkeys: 0/12
Specter coins: 0/2

Professor: Oh, Spike!
Katie: Spike!
Buzz: Ha!
Spike: Professor! Katie! I'm here! I will save you right now!
Specter: What a stubborn guy! You've come this far? However, I don't think I'm giving Professor and the girl back yet. You're going to help me.
Professor: I'm never going to cooperate!
Katie: Yeah! (Turns to Buzz) And you Buzz, let us go!
Buzz: Please be still, Katie!
Specter: Buzz! Take them away!
Buzz: Yes!
Katie: Hey, stop it! Buzz, come to your senses!
Professor: (grunts)
Spike: Stop, Buzz!
Specter: I will keep you company with this battle cruiser.

(Upon defeating Specter's Battle Cruiser)
Specter: Wow. You did it. I'm impressed! I can't believe you've come this far.
Spike: I won't lose to you! Return the Professor, Katie, and Buzz!
Specter: Let's see. I'll think about it. I just thought of something interesting. I'll call you later. Look forward to it. See you!
Spike: Wait, Specter! Are you running away? Wait!

Present-Day 2 - Specter Land[]

Specter: Hi Spike! How are you? Weren't you expecting to see me? I'd like to play a game with you. It could be a lot of fun for both of us. I hid the Professor and Katie somewhere in that amusement park. Why don't you try to find them? Or perhaps you will just enjoy the rides. I prepared them for your arrival. I think they'll provide you with an unforgettable experience. Well, I'll be somewhere in the park. Bet you'll never find me!

Casi (text):
Go catch Specter!
Monkeys: 0/24
Specter coins: 0/10

(Red Mailbox, Roller Coaster)
Buzz (text): Welcome to the Terror Coaster! Will you make it back out alive?!
Buzz (text): You can jump off the Terror Coaster with the R1Icon button. Hurry or you'll crash! Signed, Buzz.

(Upon finding Katie)
Spike: Hey Katie! You okay?
Katie: Hey, stop being so carefree and get me out of here!
Spike: Looks like I can't get there from here.
Katie: Yes, you probably will have to take a roundabout way to get here. When I was brought here I walked a lot. Spike, find the passage to get here!
Spike: Okay.
Katie: Hurry up! I hate ghosts and high places!

(Upon freeing Katie)
Katie: Ow! Can't you be a little more gentle?!
Spike: It- it isn't my fault! Didn't you see the cage fall on its own?
Spike: Whew. You must've hit your head.
Katie: Um, excuse me. where is Specter?
Spike: I still haven't found him.
Katie: How about Buzz?
Spike: No.
Katie: What are you doing? We must do something!
Spike: Where are you going?
Katie: I'm returning to the lab! We can't win without using that equipment! You'll be fine without me here!
Katie (distant): Ahh! No, I hate ghosts! AHHHHH!
Spike: ...(sighs).

(Upon finding the Professor)
Spike: Professor! Are you hurt?!
Professor: Oh, you've come, Spike. Don't worry about me. Are you okay?
Spike: I'm okay.
Professor: That's good. I'm useless being here. Can you help me?
Spike: How can I get in there?
Professor: The entrance is on the top. You should be able to get in here from there.
Spike: Okay. Wait for me!

Tubby the Clown: Welcome to my circus!
Tubby the Clown (when damaged): Ah!

(Upon defeating Tubby)
Professor: Thanks for helping me, Spike. You've become very strong.
Spike: It's the power of your mechanics, Professor.
Professor: No. Power alone isn't strength. It is only a part of human strength. You have truly become stronger.
Spike: You think so? That sounds so complicated.
Professor: By the way, Spike, you haven't found Buzz or Specter.
Spike: Right.
Professor: Okay. I'll return to the lab and fix the equipment if we don't hurry, Specter may mess up history again. If that happens, it will be too late. You should continue to search the amusement park. Be careful.
Spike: Okay!

(After freeing the Professor and leaving the circus)
Specter (loudspeaker): Hi Spike! Can you hear me? It looks like the game is progressing steadily. Go to the Go Kart area. Your pal is waiting for you. It will be the final game. However, it wouldn't be as easy as in the Professor and Katie's escape. Be very careful. I look forward to a good fight.

Buzz Attack Part 3[]

Spike: Buzz. I've finally come.
Buzz: You're pretty good, Spike. You've always been a good rival. However, this is it. I will settle it today! Let's fight!

(Upon defeating Buzz)
Spike: Buzz?!
Buzz: Uhhh...what? Where am I?
Spike: Buzz! Are you okay?
Buzz: Spike? Something's funny. I vaguely remember what I've been doing.
Spike: Buzz, are you back to yourself? You don't remember about Specter?
Buzz: Specter? Ouch! Ouch! Why does my entire body hurt?
Spike: Yes! You're yourself! Buzz, I'm so happy!
Buzz: Was...was I controlled by that Specter guy by any chance?
Spike: (laughs)
Buzz: Ow! Ouch! You're hurting me, Spike! (laughs)
Specter (loudspeaker): Oh Buzz, did you wake up? Oh well. I don't need you anymore.
Buzz: This voice...
Spike: It's Specter.
Specter (loudspeaker): Well, that's that. Spike, you've shown me your strength. It's more than I thought. Buzz has also awakened. Do you want to join me?
Spike: What makes you think I'll join you?
Specter (loudspeaker): Relax. I'd like to meet and talk to you. Aren't you looking for me also? I'm currently in the Specter Castle that was remodeled from the amusement park castle. The entrance will be left open. I'd like to invite you to the castle. I'll be waiting.
Buzz: Are you going, Spike?
Spike: Yes! I have to catch Specter!
Buzz: I...I'm going too-! (groans) Ouch!
Spike: Buzz, why don't you return to the lab and help the Professor? You are hurt, and it may be dangerous if you don't have any of the Professor's gadgets.
Buzz: But--!
Spike: ...
Buzz: Okay. I understand. I'll do that.
Spike: Buzz, can you get back alone?
Buzz: Yeah. I can do that much.
Spike: Okay then. I'm going.
Buzz: Okay.
Buzz: Spike!
Spike: ...?
Buzz: Don't lose!
Spike: ...

(Castle entrance)
Spike: Ohh! Ahhh!
Spike: The castle's flying!

(Upon reaching Specter)
Specter: Oh no. You've messed up the castle. I let you in so we can talk. So, what do you think? Do you like it? This castle is the most powerful fortress! It will be so easy to conquer the world. The view is great, too. Don't you think it's really great?
Spike: Are you out of your mind?! Everyone's worried! You have to stop this madness!
Specter: Why don't you stop obstructing me and join me instead? You know, like Buzz?
Spike: No way! I won't be controlled by you!
Specter: Well, let's see. I have super powers. No matter how much you resist it, it is easy for me to control you using this power. Like this!
Spike: AHH!
Specter: Is that painful? Join me! Unless you do, this pain will continue eternally!
Spike: No! No... I... won't!
Specter: What a stubborn guy! You're no match for my power!
Spike: I don't want to! I won't!
Specter: Ahh! Why doesn't my power work on you?
Spike: P-power i-isn't...
Specter: What?!
Spike: Power alone isn't the true strength!
Specter: Huh?!
Spike: Well, that's what the Professor said...
Specter: I'm disappointed with you, Spike! You are dismissed!
Spike: Hey, wait!
Specter: Take this!

(After destroying the Goliath head and torso)
Specter: You did it, Spike! Because of you, my plans are spoiled!
Spike: Specter, stop this evil struggle! Go back to the amusement park!
Specter: You must be joking! I'm never going back to that dim place! Listen, I will come back! And you'd better be ready, because I plan to conquer the world!
Spike: Wait! Specter!

Spike: Heyyy!
Katie, Professor, and Buzz: Spike!


Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Kenkichi Shimooka
Shingo Matsumoto
Katsuyuki Kanetaka
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Graphic Artists

Takamitsu Iijima
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Music & Sounds

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Data Programmers
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Koichi Yamazaki

Sound Effects
Masaaki Kaneko

Movie Sound Effects
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QA Staff
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CG Staff
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Special Thanks
Akira Sato
Toshiyuki Miyata
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Moni Moni Members

Susumu Takatsuka

Executive Producer
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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

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Manual & Packaging

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QA Manual Approval
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Lead Tester
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Andy Macoy
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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Epilogue 1[]

Sign (text): The "Ape-Misbehavin' " Magic Show has been cancelled. Sorry
Professor: Specter probably will come back eventually, to do evil.
Spike: Professor, I will go and find Specter.
Professor: Yes. But the monkeys we haven't caught mustn't be left alone. You should get in the time machine once again to catch the remaining monkeys. While you do that, I will find Specter's location. We will pursue Specter then.

Katie: Spike! A new gadget is completed!
Professor: This is a Magic Punch that will extend and retract. I will send these over. Try them out in your Training Space. If you don't clear the training, you cannot advance to the next stage. Well, good luck.

Training Space - Magic Punch[]

(Red Mailbox, Level Start)
Professor (text): The Magic Punch is a gadget that punches out a mighty fist! You can get items with it.
Professor (text): Tilt the right stick in the direction you want to punch.
Professor (text): The harder you push the stick, the harder the punch will be!
Professor (text): Walls that look strange may be breakable with the Magic Punch!

(Red Mailbox, Switch Room)
Katie (text): There are switches on both sides of the wall. You can use the Magic Punch to trip the switch. Aim well!

(Red Mailbox, Exit)
Professor (text): That really packs a powerful punch, doesn't it? I've invented some really incredible things!
Professor (text): Go back to the cleared stages with this gadget. You'll find lots of things to break!
Katie (text): Get the monkeys that are still hiding out!

(Upon capturing all monkeys)
Professor: Spike, I found out where Specter is. I have programmed the entrance to it, so you should be able to select it from the stage selection. Please go right away!

Dimension - Final Get[]

Casi (text):
Go catch Specter!
Monkeys: 0/0
Specter coins: 0/0

Specter: You've finally come, Spike. You really are stubborn.
Spike: Of course! You're still thinking of conquering the world. You must stop this!
Specter: Yeah. I have a question for you instead.
Spike: What do you want suddenly?
Specter: You are pretty strong. Why don't you use that power otherwise?
Spike: I'd rather help my friends than hurt them. I'd never betray the Professor to help you!
Specter: (scoffs) You're a kid.
Spike: And you asked me.
Specter: Yeah, yeah, you're so loud. I still have another question.
Spike: What now?
Specter: How is the man that raised me?
Spike: What? You mean the breeder at the amusement park?
Specter: Yeah.
Spike: Specter, by any chance do you want to go back to the amusement park? I think the breeder will forgive you if you apologize.
Specter: What?! What are you talking about?! That's ridiculous! I told you I hate that dim place! First of all, why do I have to apologize? I acquired super power! I can do anything I want to with this power!
Spike: That power is meaningless! You're being controlled by the Peak Point Helmet. Throw that thing away Specter and let's go back to the amusement park!
Specter: Shut up! I will prove the greatness of this power by beating you now!
Spike: If I win, will you get rid of the helmet?
Specter: Ah- I won't lose!
Spike: Okay, that's a promise, Specter! Here I come!

Specter (combat):
• Take this! (Firing energy blasts)
• WAHH! (Damaged)

Spike (upon capturing Specter): GOTCHU! GOTCHU! GOTCHU!

(CREDITS roll again, same text as before.)

Epilogue 2[]

Katie: Oh no, the time!
Spike: We better hurry or we'll be late!
Buzz: Hey, that's not fair, Spike!
Katie: Wait for me, you two!
Katie: I said wait!

On-Screen: THE END

Mini Games[]

Ski Kidz Racing[]

(Title Screen)
On-Screen Text:
Press Start button

• Start
• Match Race
• Option
• Quit

(Option menu)
• Vibration [On/Off] 1P
• Vibration [On/Off] 2P
• [Stereo/Monaural]
• Delete Record
• Return

(Delete Record menu)
• Yes
• No

(Pressing Start)
On-Screen Text:
• Select character
Selects the character you will use in the race.
• Select course
Selects the course you will ski on.
• Preliminary contest
Everyone freely tries the Time Attack. The results will determine the starting position in the deciding race. Press the START button and you will continue to ski until you select 'stop preliminary contest'.
• Deciding race
Starts a race from the starting positions decided in the preliminary contest. You will race each other to get to the goal first. The game finishes once the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places have been decided.
• Replay
Shows a replay of the deciding race.
• Operating methods
Explains operating methods and techniques for skiing faster.
• Quit
Returns you to title screen.
COURSE [1/2/3]
[1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th] GRID

(Operating methods menu)
On-Screen Text:
1. Operating instructions
Move the right ski with the right stick and the left ski with the left stick. Pushing the sticks forwards activates the jets. Tilting the sticks towards each other brings the skis together.
Quit with the Oicon button.
2. Going faster with the right posture
With the skis together, lower your body and your speed will increase.
Quit with the Oicon button.
3. Turn on one ski
To turn quickly, operate the jet on the outside ski only, while using the brake on the inside ski.
Quit with the Oicon button.
4. Turbo-charged skiing
If you ski with the skis together, the jet flame will sometimes turn blue. If you keep on skiing this way, after a while the jet flame will turn orange and the power of the jets increases.
Quit with the Oicon button.

(Select Character menu)
On-Screen Text:

Age: 10
Height: 135cm
Weight: 32kg
Type: Short-tempered

Age: 10
Height: 138cm
Weight: 34kg
Type: Easily led

Age: 3
Height: 122cm
Weight: 26kg
Type: Feels like a victim

Age: 14
Height: 155cm
Weight: ? kg
Type: Good at looking after people

Age: 60
Height: 170cm
Weight: 80kg
Type: Has become forgetful lately

(Select Course menu)
On-Screen Text:

Course 1
Easy slope

Course 2
Snowman's Garden

Course 3
Snake river

(Gameplay, HUD):
On-Screen Text:
TOTAL TIME (Deciding Race mode only)

(Gameplay, text):
• NEW RECORD (Obtaining a new Fastest Lap)
• RANK UP (Finishing a lap at a higher place than before)
• WRONG WAY (Facing the wrong way during a race)
• FINAL LAP (Starting the final lap of a race)
• Press the START button to end the preliminary contest. (Finishing all required laps in Preliminary Contest mode)
• 1st (Finishing a race in Deciding Race mode)
• 2nd (Finishing a race in Deciding Race mode)
• 3rd (Finishing a race in Deciding Race mode)
• 4th (Finishing a race in Deciding Race mode)
• 5th (Finishing a race in Deciding Race mode)

(Gameplay, pause menu):
On-Screen Text:
• Continue
• Quit (Preliminary Contest mode only)
• Retire (Deciding Race mode only)

(Quit menu)
• Yes
• No


Pause menu:
• Return

Select Gadget menu:
• Stun Club
Club your enemies and stun the monkeys. Swing the Club around for a 360 attack!
• Time Net
You can't catch monkeys without your Net! Keep it with you at all times!
• Monkey Radar
The Monkey Radar tracks down those pesky monkeys. Press L2 button for a close-up view.
• Slingshot
Use the Slingshot for long distance attacks. Pull the right stick towards you and let it go! Press L2 button for targeting.

Katie (between missions):
• You're good! (Stage Clear!)
• You did it! (All Clear!)

Spike (gameplay):
• Do your best! (Begin stage)
• Let's go! (Begin stage)
• Wuh! (Double jump)
• Yah! (Stun Club swing, climb up a ledge)
• Tah! (Spinning Stun Club in a circle)
• Unh! (Taking damage)
(gasps) Hiyah! (Taking damage from lava or icewater)
• Oh no! (Losing a life)
• Too late! (Losing a life)
• Ahhhh! (Falling off a cliff)
• Gotchu! (Capturing monkey)
• Well done! (Completing mission)

Buzz (during races):
• Eeyah! (jumping)

Game Over screens[]

• It's okay! Try again!
• Spike! Hang in there!
• Wait, Spike! We're transferring you to the Time Station!

• Try harder next time!
• You're getting sloppy!
• Spike!

• Spike! Keep trying!
• Come on, try again!
• Oh no, let's transfer to a safe place!

• What happened, Spike? You're stronger than that!
• Spike! How can you lose without fighting me?

• Man, you're so easy that it wasn't even fun!
• I guess that's the best a human can do!
• What? Is that all you've got?


  • In this version the gadget is written as "Slingshot" on the Gadget Screen, but it's also written as "Sling Shot" with a space in the mailbox messages.
  • "Ice age" and "Frozen ocean" are not capitalized in the second part of their names.


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