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Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission™
Ape Escape SaruSaru Big Mission Page
Full name

Japan サルゲッチュ ー サルサル大作戦
Sarugetchu Saru Saru Daisakusen







Release Date(s)

Japan July 26, 2007

Ape Escape: SaruSaru Big Mission, also called Ape Escape: SaruSaru Master Moves and known in Japan as Saru Get You: Saru Saru Daisakusen (サルゲッチュサルサル大作戦) is a spin-off Ape Escape game following Ape Escape 3.


Spike brings a dog to the Professor's lab in hopes of making a pet out of it. When he wants to show it to Natalie, however, the dog is many times bigger than the lab. Specter calls in to tell he shrunk the lab with his Nano-Cannon, leaving them inside of it. When they try to call their friends, it's revealed the Professor, Aki, Yumi, Kei and Jimmy have all been shrunken, kidnapped, and held captive by the Freaky Monkey Five as human research experiments. The Professor is held by Monkey White, Aki by Monkey Blue, Jimmy by Monkey Red, Kei by Monkey Yellow, and Kei with Yumi by Monkey Pink.

Specter reveals he used a Nano-Cannon to shrink them all and has sent a monkey to break the lab. However, the lab is small enough to be disguised as a Pipo Helmet, which Spike and Natalie use to take control of the Pipo Monkeys to help rescue their friends and defeat Specter.

Jimmy is stuck running in a hamster wheel on Monkey Red's desk as the heroes' lab arrives. Without a further introduction his bossfight begins, and Spike and Natsumi defeat him. They discover a Nano Card falling out of his Mech and collect it, and Natalie examines it through, excited to reveal it will help them return back to normal size. Their excitement is halted as Monkey Blue calls them to taunt them, as they will need the other cards in possession of the Freaky Monkey Five for it to work. The heroes, now with Jimmy, are determined to fight through it and rescue everyone.

Aki is sitting on Monkey Blue's desk with a huge slice of cake and teacup before her. Monkey Blue is seated opposite of her as she compliments the tea. He stutters and presents her a bouquet of roses just as the lab falls into the room. Aki is as calm as ever as she waves to the children, inviting them to eat the cake with her. Blue Monkey, infuriated by his time with her being interrupted, initiates the bossfight. He loses while calling out to Aki, and the heroes get another Nano Card. Aki also reveals she ate the entire slice of cake while they fought.

Kei is found inside a wedding chapel -like room in Monkey Yellow's hands, trying to run away as the monkey tries to kiss him. The lab drops in and Monkey Yellow tells them to not interfere while Kei calls for help. Monkey Yellow loses, and Kei returns to the lab safely. As the heroes greet him Specter flares up on the monitor, taunting them for still being small and unable to help it. Natalie retaliates, but Specter just tells them to try their best and hangs up. Monkey Pink walks up by him, asking if he's glad he chose her to help with this plan. The camera then cuts to Kei on the monitor.

Kei and Yumi are found on a cycleable toy helicopter above a fishtank of piranhas. Monkey Pink happily tells Yumi to give up her idol career because of her size, while Yumi tells her to stop it and return them to normal. Kei asks her help since only he's cycling, but she says she's busy. The lab then falls in. The heroes are confused how Kei is both inside and before Yumi, and the Kei with them transforms back into Monkey Pink's Specter plushie before stealing all the Nano Cards and returning to Monkey Pink. She then sends them all to Specter and taunts the heroes for their lost hope. She is still defeated, and the twins get to the ship. Monkey White calls in, laughing and taunting the heroes over their predicament.

The Professor is revealed to be tied to the King pawn on Monkey White's chess board. An eaten pawn shatters to bits right beside him, and Monkey White laughs, claiming checkmate. However, he is interrupted as the lab falls in. Monkey White gets angered by their interference and the bossfight begins. With his loss, the Professor returns safely to the lab. He reveals Specter is on his moon base planning something just as the monkey calls in to taunt them. He reveals his completed, Giant Nano-Cannon, meant to shrink the entire human population on Earth. Spike tries to reason by saying the monkeys will shrink as well, but Specter reveals his countermeasure for it: The Giant Nano-Cannon can separate humans from monkeys, thus targeting only one group. He taunts some more before cutting off. The Professor says to use Monkey White's Nano Card to warp to Specter's base and stop the cannon from firing no matter what.

The heroes warp right behind Specter's throne, and he turns to them, amused by how often they try to disturb his plans. He starts the cannon's energy intake, and as he taunts the heroes, the platform they are on begins to rise up. He reveals his new Goliath-Mech, now floating completely without a lower body. It is defeated and its arms fall off entirely, but Specter, like all the other monkeys, isn't captured.

The heroes hurry to destroy the Giant Nano-Cannon as stopping it will be impossible. Monkeys hurry away from the exploding Giant Nano-Cannon, and the lab is secured on one of them. As Spike exits the now normal-sized lab, he finds the beginning's dog still outside, happily greeting him.

However, the post-credits scene reveals a twist. Spike goes to feed the dog only to find it's huge again, and rushes inside to tell Natalie. Specter drops in to tell they've been shrunk again. Natalie demands to be returned to normal, but Specter smiles as he reminds he still has the original Nano-Cannon and one last Nano Card to obtain to return to normal. He laughs as he plans to rebuild the Giant Nano-Cannon for the monkeys to rule the world. Spike asks Natalie how they'll reach Specter again, and she tells to go after his remaining forces.

After the long journey, the lab reaches the moon base again. Specter greets the expectantly, telling them he's been waiting. He reveals the rebuilt Giant Nano-Cannon can't tell the difference between humans and monkeys, so he needs a reference spot. He tells the Pipo Monkeys' information is all in their Peak Point Helmets which the lab now possesses as well as their obvious human information. He wants the data to help his machine separate the two and attack only the humans. The lift starts up, and fades to a bossfight.

Specter fights in only the Goliath's head again. Its eyes follow the player at all time. By smashing the back of the head, Specter is revealed from the Goliath's face plate, frantically pressing controls to return to function before being hit. He loses, and the Goliath head's engine malfunctions, sending it to rocket around the room before flying out of it and smashing down onto the ground. Specter lies on the ground, unconscious, as the mech disappears.

The lab is back to normal, and Spike stretches as he steps outside. The dog is waiting for him again, and he runs with it to ask Natalie to do something.


Unlike other stand-alone titles in the series such as Ape Escape 2001 and Ape Escape: Pumped & Primed, the game is created very similarly to Ape Escape 3. The same graphic engine is used, which is a first for Ape Escape, as usually all games' graphics are recreated for each game. In a different approach to the normal Ape Escape gameplay, SaruSaru Big Mission has you controlling the Pipo Helmet -shaped lab. By latching it onto a monkey, you can gain control of it, including any abilities it may have. If the monkey takes too much damage, you will lose control of it. The aim is to utilize the monkeys' abilities to reach the end of the level safely.


Level Name # of monkeys Monkey Total

(Sansan Beach)

8 8

(Chapuchapu Jungle)

10 18

(Fukaikowai Palace)

10 28

(Showdown! Monkey Red)

1 29

(Kodaina Museum)

12 41

(Zeppekida Castle)

14 55

(Dokotonaku Ruins)

11 66

(Showdown! Monkey Blue)

1 67

(Ijiwaruna Lab)

9 76

(Nanitsukuru Factory)

12 88

(Sweet Trap Mountain)

12 100

(Showdown! Monkey Yellow)

1 101

(Dokodemo Trapland)

11 112

(Kurakura Airship)

12 124

(Donyori Horror House)

18 142

(Showdown! Monkey Pink)

1 143

(Morino oak Fortress)

20 163

(Biribiri Electronic Base)

21 184

(Dekasugīru Satellite)

21 205

(Showdown! Monkey White)

1 206

(Deciding Battle! Specter)

1 207

(Final Battle! Specter)

1* 207

*This is just Specter again, so doesn't add anything to the total.


The game contains only one minigame, ガチキング (Gachi Kingu). Although there are less minigames this time around, Gachi Kingu is more in-depth than some previous ones. A simple synopsis is that the players use Frames, Backgrounds, and Pipo Monkeys they have acquired to create cards, and depending on all of those things and some other factors, their cards are given stats, specifically HP, Balance, Offense, and Hit. Players can then compete with a single card they have against another player or CPUs.

See more: Gachi Kingu


Much like previous titles, the game has a password system. To get to the password screen, simply hold down L and R, then press START on the title screen.

Note: every password must be input in katakana. This means that to get to the right keyboard, you must press SELECT once at the Password screen.

Password Reward
ファミツウキング ガゲル (Kakeru / Spike monkey)
ミンナノアイドル ザヤガ (Sayaka / Yumi monkey)
ガイコツダイオウ ガイコツン (Skeleton monkey)
デンゲキデンゲキ デンゲキフレーム (Playstation Frame)


  • The game features monkeys based on Kei and Yumi (Gageru and Zayaga), which is a follow up to Ape Escape 3 having monkeys based on Spike and Jimmy (Spork and Shimmy).


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